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 About me

Featured as one of Vancouver's top photographers!

I am a Photographer, maker. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA.

Enthusiastic, passionate, politically incorrect,  thrill seeker, unconventional, curious, opinionated but open minded, generous, fun loving,  spiritual, loyal, glass half full, thoughtful, forgetful, impatient, spontaneous, analytical, culture seeker, intense, challenging, good father-bad husband, brother, son, friend,  countryside walker, child like, TV bug, movie lover,  Apple fanboy, restaurant frequenter,  vegetable grower, MAC owner, people watcher, self developer, food critic, Angler, avid listener, Leo, multi-layered, multi-faceted, Nature supporter, conversation starter, kaleidoscope of a human being sent from another part of the universe to BANGLADESH whose primary directive was to add value to the Earth with all the gifts I' ve  been given....just like the rest of us

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